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Attorney Helping With Social Security Disability Cases in West Georgia

Have you been injured or diagnosed with an illness that prevents you from working? You may qualify for Social Security Disability, which provides compensation so people who cannot work can still meet their daily needs. Social Security Disability is available for those who have worked in the past and earned enough work credits while supplemental security income is available for people who have never worked, have not worked enough to earn credits and have little income. Unfortunately, most people who apply for SSDI or SSI are denied the first time. Daniel M. Barnes is a Social Security lawyer in West Georgia who helps applicants navigate the application process and fight for their right to compensation in the event of denial.

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Eligibility Requirements and Reasons for Denial

To qualify for Social Security benefits, a person must have a psychological, psychiatric or physical medical problem that prevents him or her from maintaining gainful employment. Common medical diagnoses include back injuries, heart failure, blindness, deafness, schizophrenia, severe depression and autism. Unfortunately, most applicants are denied multiple times before receiving money. This is often due to issues such as lack of medical proof, wrong information on forms or missed deadlines. For this reason, it is important to hire a disability attorney as soon as you consider applying. A disability lawyer can assist during the process of filing your application, help to ensure doctors are providing information in a timely manner and argue on behalf of clients during the hearing stage of the process. Statistics show that people who hire an attorney have a significantly higher chance of being approved for Social Security benefits.

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