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Compassionate Family Law Attorney in West Georgia

From divorce to adoption, family matters are emotionally charged and sometimes painful. Daniel M. Barnes, a family law and divorce attorney serving West Georgia, assists families as they navigate family court and come to the best solution for all parties involved. We are experienced professionals who understand the need for compassion, understanding and patience when working with our clients.

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Mediated, Negotiated and Uncontested Cases

In most situations, a married couple prefers to settle their divorce outside of court to save time and money. When two spouses agree about how any children should be raised and how assets should be split, they may file an uncontested divorce with us for just $975. Sometimes a couple mostly agrees about their divorce but don't quite see eye to eye on a specific component of the situation. In this case, our family law attorney provides mediation until the situation is negotiated successfully and put into writing for both parties.

We Also Handle Litigated Divorces

Unfortunately, sometimes a married couple cannot agree on how the divorce should proceed. When a client's separation needs to be litigated, Daniel M. Barnes fights for his clients in a court of law. These situations typically involve determining who receives properties such as homes or jointly owned businesses or how the children will be raised. When children are involved, we always consider what is in their best interest in terms of legal and physical custody. Legal custody determines who makes decisions about health care, education and religion while physical custody determines which parent the children will live with and when visitation occurs. Regardless of the situation, we walk our clients through every step of their cases with patience and professionalism.

“I would like to thank Mr. Barnes and his whole office for taking such good care of me and my kids during my divorce! He put my children first and made sure we were taken care of.”
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If you and your spouse are separating, Daniel M. Barnes may be able to take on your case. Schedule a free consultation by calling 770-830-7662. We also act as a personal injury attorney in West Georgia.